GAI 3003A Bottle Filler (pressure) 1200 l/h

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 3003A Bottle Filler (pressure) beer 1200 l/h for GLAS+PET-BOTTLES


(In the video above a larger machine 12005A for wine is presented to show the  working prinziple of the machine)

Automatic monoblock in stealing steel composed by:
[1] Two phases rinsing-blowing machine (ex. water+gas) with 12 places in stainless steel
for bottles with maximum diameter 115 mm (primitive diameter 720mm). A gripper device
takes the bottle by the neck and -through a system of sprocket-wheel-rack pushed by a
cam - turns it upside down. The nozzle enters in to the bottle neck for 80mm; there is
injection only in bottle presence. There is no contact between the bottle neck and the
injector pars. The two injection circuits are completely separated. The injection time and
set up are easily adjustable by an external cams system. The dripping water is recovered
in a closed circuit without wetting the machine. The gripper then turns the bottle and
releases it in the discharge star which carries it onto the conveyor belt.
[2] 12 spouts Isobaric filler for bottles with maximum diameter 115 mm (primitive diameter
540mm) with:
- double pre-evacuation of the bottle: the air in the bottle is sucked up, changes with
CO2 in pressure, sucks up again before balancing pressure of the bottle with gas
into the tank. In this way, 99% oxygen into the bottle is eliminated. A liquid ring pump
with tank for blow-by of the water is used.
- bottle’s charge with no gas on coming out the filler
- pneumatic elevator cylinder in axle with bottles with cam reversal
- electric regulation of the height of the tank and of the spouts’ cams.
- automatic external wash of the spouts
- automatic lubrication of the elevator cylinders
- a light spurt of water causes topping of the beer immediately before crown corking
[3] Monohead crown capsule central star fed for vibration
Inlet of the bottles into the monoblock and the transfer between rinser and corker are
synchronized with screws.
The regulation at height of every station (rinser, filler and corker) is electric.
Monoblock is supplied with:
- safety guards in accordance with CE standards
- devices for rinser sterilization
- dummy bottles for deaeration station sterilization
- photoelectric cell device to avoid the store up of bottles at the exit of the monoblock
equipped for one type of cylindrical bottle
Output(1) 1.200 litres/hour
Speed 600-3.000 bottles/hour (INVERTER)
With PLC and operating terminal ( touch screen 7,5"colours)

GAI 3003A rotary filler 12 filling stations 1200 l / h for GLASS + PET bottles


Isobar BEER BOTTLING - The mono blocks 3003-Beer, 5003 Beer, 7003-9003-beer and beer perform all operations necessary for a professional and oxygen-free filling of bottles. The filling of the bottles in three steps (phases 1-3) as shown below:


FLUSHING from the inside of the bottle with sterile water. The bottles must be internally cleaned and sterilized.


Isobar BEER BOTTLING - The cycle provides for:

a) A first vent the bottles removed by liquid ring pump about 80% of the air contained in the bottle

b) First biasing the bottles with CO2 under pressure and filling the bottles CO2

c) Second vent the bottles; by this operation are about 99% of the evacuated air contained in the bottle, whereby the oxygen is removed almost completely from the bottle and reduces the oxidation during Einfüllungsphase to a minimum

d) Pressure compensation; In the bottle is the same pressure prevails in the pressure tank created

e) Filling the bottle, After the pressure equalization, the filling valve opens automatically and the bottles are filled by static pressure (pressure case)

f) Close the filling valveWhen the desired level is achieved

g) Relaxation of the bottlesAnd the pressure in the bottle neck is let out slowly, and the bottles are relaxed and ready for corking

h) Before closing the bottles with crown corks, the beer and be painted in the bottle neck (with a high pressure water jet - HDE) to be related to foam slightly, resulting in a large part of the air contained in the bottleneck is removed


a) The bottles move to the crown capper and are closed by means of crown corks

b) The foam from foaming over the bottle neck is rinsed off with fine jets of water and then air-dry the bottles and labeled, and packaged (If the labels can splash compatible, the labels are applied to the bottles well before filling)

Effective yields will depend on many factors, such as: A) type of product; B)
pressure of bottling; C) temperature of bottling; D) type of bottle etc.

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125-220/12 12 jaws couples for rinser (12 pieces of 125-220)
125-222/12 12 floating jaws couples for rinser
3003A-BIER-700 Set of stars for monoblock 3003A-BIER composed by:inlet star (10-1012-) + outlet star (10-1012-) + rinser central guide(40-1109-)inlet star (10-2024-) + outlet star (10-2024-) + filler central guide (40-3012-)star (30-1500-) + corker counter star (60-1500-)
3003A-BIER-800 Infeed screw to rinser (70-1012-) + transfer screw (70-153I-) between rinser and filler for 3003A-BIER 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120

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