LAUTER STAR LB1000 (1000 l) 380 V

Product No.:

LAUTER STAR LB1000 (1000 l) 380 V  

Lauter Tun

 Technical specifications / options:   

  • Double walled with PU-foam insulation (50 mm)
  • CIP spray ball DN25 pipe, welded
  • Lauter Bottom (Filter Bottom, False Bottom), max. 300 kg/m²
  • Spent grains door mounted at the side or backside
  • Sparger DN25 pipes, welded
  • DN 65 butterfly outlet with DN25 pipe outlet
  • Vessel mounted on 4 feet or 4 wheels (up to 10 hl)


  • Motor 380 Volt, automatic spent grains remover (29 s/min)

Price on request: Send an e-mail with desired options to: and ask for the actual quotation.

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